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DFS replication targets vs root

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  • DFS replication targets vs root

    Here is the situation.

    I have an existing NAS that used DFS for web sites content and am adding a second one to help with the load and provide some redundancy. Iím unsure if it is best to setup replication for the root folder or individual targets.

    • There are about 20 different Folder targets totaling about 1 TB of files.
    • Files donít frequently change but usually just have new files being created.
    • All target folders reside on the share \\web sites$\ for each NAS server. Eg. \\server1\Web sites$\ & \\server2\Web Sites$\
    • One NAS is windows 2008 Storage server and the other is 2003.
    • Using Namespace DFS (not domain)

    Scenario 1: Replicate per target
    When I add the second target it asks if I want to create a replication group. If I click yes and step through the instructions a DFS replication group is created for that one target, eg. Site1. When I add the second target it creates another replication group, eg. Site2. So doing this I will end up with 20 replication groups, one for each target.
    This seems to be the most fail proof method but more management work. If say Site1 needs different permission then site2 I have to set the folder permissions on both server1 & server2.

    Scenario 2: Replication for root
    If however I setup a replication group for the root, called Web sites, then since all the target folders exists in the same root folder all the files should be replicated.
    This is the easiest solution for management since the security for the target folders are replicated between servers. However this seems more prone to sync issues since the replication group isnít associated with the target.

    Any advice.