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Folder redicrection and backup

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  • Folder redicrection and backup

    Hello,i'm using win 2008 server r2 standard as a DC, sql and file server.i configured a GPO for file redirection and it's working just fine.i want to backup all the users redirected documents but when my backup software i trying to copy them i get access denied message.when i'm logged in as administrator i'm aslo getting premission error, any ideas how to backup those file (with out messing with the premissions to much... or at tall)i'll appreciate any help
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    Re: Folder redicrection and backup

    Try to take ownership on the main folder (it will apply to the sub-folders also)
    it wont damage any of the users workflow with the folders.
    it should help


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      Re: Folder redicrection and backup

      Before you take ownership read this!