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  • Corrupt hard disk etc

    I am trying to free up some disk space and unfortunately I have encountered a problem with my old hard disk that caused me to detach the device from the USB port and it seems that I have corrupted the software that was copied on the hard disk, is there a tool for recovering it, please?

    The problem was that windows was taking way too long to copy so the hard disk was starting to feel as if it was "getting old" and needed a format anyway. The problem does not appear to be due to the hardware or USB ports they work with other devices at least i.e. a mouse, although a mouse might not require the same level of data transfer that a hard disk does. This worries me as I am shopping around for a 4 TB hard disk that supports USB 3, I might have to purchase new hardware altogether.

    Now I have also noticed that I cannot delete folders from my computers although I am logged on as an administrator a problem that seems to persist even on Windows 8 at times, as I try to prepare a development environment i.e. install IDEs such as Android Studio and others.

    I am using Windows Server 2008.

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    I'm sorry, but this is really hard to understand. Can you break it down into separate issues
    As far as I understand, you have a USB drive which you unplugged in mid file copy, and now cannot access anything on the drive. Is this correct?
    If so, how does it appear in Disk Management?

    There are tools to recover data - commercial products are not cheap (but your data is more expensive) but there may be some free ones ( will help). None guarantee anything, so anything you get back is a bonus. Obviously a restore from backup is a better solution.

    USB ports are either USB3 (generally blue plastic inside) or USB2 - there is a significant speed difference between them. Check your motherboard vendors website to see what you have. You can also get USB3 to PCI cards if you don't have USB3 on board.

    I am totally confused about your "cannot delete folders" issue - is this on separate PCs? If not, where does Windows 8 come into it?
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