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Shadow copies on a failover cluster

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  • Shadow copies on a failover cluster

    I have a failover cluster with two nodes and 8 disks. Four of the disks are Data disks, while the remaining four holds shadow copies for the shared folders on the data disks.

     E:\(Data1) F:\(ShadowCopyOfD1)  G:\(Data2) H:\(ShadowCopyOfD2  And so on and forth.
    But this is a configuration I can only make by using the Configure Shadow Copies option in Windows Explorer (right-click a volume to see the option). Because by using that option, I can choose on which volume I would like to store the shadow copies of the volume I want to create Shadow Copies of.

    For it to work properly, I have to create the shadow copies schedule on both nodes of the cluster, and the passive node will have errors in the system log that it can not create shadow copies, obviously because it is not holding the disks/volumes, because they are owned by the active node, and there are no error messages in the active nodes logs.

    I figured I could use failover cluster manager to create the shadow copies, and in that way I would not see the errors in the system log of the passive node, but if I try to use the Shadow Copies tab in Failover Cluster Manager, I can create shadow copies, but I am not able to choose on which volume I would like to put the shadow copies.

    Anyone ever dealt with this issue?