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Configuring DNS Aging and Scavenging.

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  • Configuring DNS Aging and Scavenging.


    I've been trying to configure DNS Aging and Scavenging (2008 R2) and i have some questions.

    So far, i've configured only the reverse lookup zone to test and prevent important records to be scavenged. No problems at all for the moment. No refresh interval is set to 7 days and refresh interval is set to 7 days. The scavenge option on the server is set to 0 days.

    However, when looking at the forward lookup zone, there are some important records which don't seem to be refreshed. I've attached an image.

    As we can see, serveur1 timestamp is pass the no refresh and refresh interval while serveur2 is looking good. This was taken from serveur2.

    If i go on serveur1 DNS console, serveur2 timestamp is pass the no refresh and refresh interval but serveur1 looks perfectly fine.

    So it seems like timestamp from serveur1 to serveur2 (and vice versa) aren't replicating. I wonder if this is "by design" or if i'm missing an option here to replicate the timestamps.

    Best regards,


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    Re: Configuring DNS Aging and Scavenging.

    those entries aren't necessarily Dynamic DNS, and so don't necessarily need a refresh.

    when I get into work, I'll check out a system somewhere and compare it, if I have time.
    Then I can explain my thoughts better.
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      Re: Configuring DNS Aging and Scavenging.

      Thanks for the help.

      I think the timestamp would state "static" if they weren't DDNS entries, what do you think ? Cause i can see static DNS entries in the forward lookup zone for the SOA and NS records.

      Today, i can see the serveur1 timestamp changed. The timestamp is 2010-09-24 @ 21:00. No clue why it went back in time...


      I was reading about it and found this on a technet:

      Once a timestamp is set on a record it will replicate around to all servers that host the zone. There is one caveat to this. If scavenging is not enabled on the zone that hosts the record then it will never scavenge so the timestamp is essentially irrelevant. The timestamp may get updated on the server where the client dynamically registers but it will not replicate around to the other servers in the zone.


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