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Changing Domain Name due to Merger

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  • Changing Domain Name due to Merger

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm in need of advice on how to change the domain name for my company. We currently have the following infrastructure:

    1. SBC 2003 SP2 server with domain name SBC
    2. 8 users in office that logon using SBC domain.
    3. Currently purchased a new server with 2008 r2 - not in production yet

    After reading a few posts, people suggest that setting up a new server with a new domain name (MAS) is cleaner that changing the domain name on the existing SBC 2003 (SBC). So here are my questions with this scenario:

    1. Can i run 2 different primary domains on the same network or add the new domain as a child in the forest (then somehow make it the primary and remove the old domain)?
    2. If i run 2 primary domains, is there a way to copy the AD users/groups structure from a different domain?
    3. On client PCs do i have to recreate their profile using the new domain?


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    1. Yes. You can add one domain to the other as a child but you can setup a forest trust between two domains (as long as neither is an SBS server). However, for 8 users this is over kill and the admin overhead would be much greater than just setting up everything from scratch.
    2. Yes. But you wouldn't want to copy from one domain to the other if you're going to run them in tandem. But if you're migrating then the ADMT will do this.
    3. No, if you use ADMT.

    For 8 users though, it might be easier to setup everything fresh, then on the client machines use the USMT to copy the old profile to the new profile.

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      SBS doesn't support child domains.

      SBS doesn't support trusts with other domains/forests.

      You can have two different AD domains on the same network. One doesn't interact with the other.

      I would recommend creating a new domain and migrating your users, data, and profiles from the old domain to the new domain.