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WDS Keeps asking for Local and Time and Administrator Password

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  • WDS Keeps asking for Local and Time and Administrator Password

    Hey all...

    Im trying to get my WDS deployment sorted but keep hitting some stumbling blocks. Ive captured my image and uploaded it to the WDS server I then edited the unattended.xml which reflects the local "admin" account I created on the image it also reflects the local settings. Every time I try to deploy that image and run the Windows Deployment Wizard and run the task sequence it prompts me for the lot - any help is appreciated.


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    So its not actually WDS that is asking for these details its the deployment?

    Where are you storing the unattend.xml file and how are you creating it?


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      Its the deployment wizard after you initially pxe boot and then login to start the process. I found how to remove the relevant prompts by editing the customsettings.ini as below

      TimeZoneName=GMT Standard Time

      What Im now struggling with is the deployment process gets right to the end and fails starting windows (at the point setup is preparing your computer for first use) - Im pretty sure this is down to the fact I have disabled the admin account and am trying to use a different account to log in with the unattended.xml - this is stored with the task sequence.


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        Your not using WDS. Your using MDT which is not the same thing.

        Have you updated you deployment share since you changed the customsettings.ini file??


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          Anther thing i've just thought about.

          Can you explain what your doing with WDS to deploy your images??

          Any i've ever done i use MDT to create my gold images, make changes as required to customsettings.ini, updated my deployment share which will update the boot images, copy the boot images to the WDS server and load it as a boot image. It usually then just works.

          Where did you edit your unattend.xml file? For this i usually always just use MDT, which uses the WSIM application. Make the required changes in here and it saves it to the relevant TS folder.


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            Im using WDS to initiate the boot to MDT - deployment workbench for both capture and deployment. Within deployment workbench I've got my captured images which have their assigned task sequence and that task sequence in turn has its unattend.xml. Once the image is captured I add it to the Operating Systems within MDT and then attempt to boot a new machine and image this image onto that. The process works to a point and then when it starts preparing for first use it bombs out and boot loops. This is because (I think) Im not wanting to use the admin login but a different local admin account (should I be modifying the unattended.xml accordingly?)

            Thanks for your help on this


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              I understand that however the problem isn't actually with WDS but with MDT. All WDS is doing is using the boot image to connect to the DS.

              Please outline the exact process you have followed to get the images to the point of deployment.

              Basic outline should be as follows:

              1. Build and capture gold image and import into MDT as custom OS, or import OS files from DVD/ISO.
              2. Create task sequence using either the custom OS or the imported OS.
              3. Right click the Task Sequence and select properties, click on the OS Info tab and then click on the Edit unattend.xml file button. This will open WISM where you can edit and create your custom unattend.xml file. If you have other settings you wish to add then wait until the creation is done then add them.
              4. Test the OS deployment, my personal preference would be to test prior to making customisations to the unattend.xml file but thats just me.


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                So Ive gone about it a couple of different ways each way seems to lead to the same result - golden image not booting.

                Process #1
                1. Add Windows 7 x64 Image to Operating Systems within WDS Boot Images boot from WDS and install Windows 7 then customise.
                2 .Upon creating image I create a capture Image from previous step and add it to Boot Images - WDS.
                3. Customise golden image and then sysprep booting to Capture Boot Image WDS and upload to DeppymentShare$.
                4. Next step import Operating System into MDT selecting custom image and browsing to WIM file just captured using the import operating system wizard.
                5. Create Task sequence for this new image to deploy to new machines.

                The above didn't work so I tried
                Process #2
                1. Create Sysprep and Capture sequence
                2. Create golden image and browse to DeploymentShare$ and run lighttouch.vbs capturing image to MDT
                3. Import Golden Image within MDT
                4. Create Task sequence to deploy Golden Image to new PC

                On both occasions the image deploys fine until it gets to the second boot where the sysprep seems to start windows and then error The computer restarted unexpectedly Wndows installation cannot proceed. And just loops.

                The strange thing is I have completed this process in a LAB environment and it works flawlessly?


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                  Why not do your whole image capture in MDT??

                  I'm actually not sure how your managing to connect to the MDT Deployment share without having the MDT boot image loaded into WDS.

                  From the start this is what i would do.

                  1. Install the OS and add the WDS role.
                  2. Install MDT onto the server you require, including all the items you need from the ADK.
                  3. Create your DS.
                  4. Update your DS to create the WinPE boot images.
                  5. Load these images directly into the Boot Images section of WDS.

                  That is my basic, very basic i might add, MDT/WDS installation to get me going. SO from there you need to do the following.

                  1. Customise your MDT share by changing your customsettings.ini file as well as your bootstrap.ini file.
                  2. Update your DS again to import these changes.
                  3. Change the boot image in WDS.

                  Then to get your OS build going do the following

                  1. Import your OS of choice.
                  2. Create a TS to test the OS deployment works.
                  3. Run the task sequence in a VM to test the OS import is working from a base image.

                  In all seriousness though you may want to follow this guy, especially this process for Windows 7.



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                    Thanks for this - would you believe the problem with my process\image.... All I needed to do was set IEWelcomeMsg as deprecated in the Windows image, I cant believe something so trivial is a show stopper as per post #6

                    Im pleased to say its all working fine now. Thanks so much for your help - and patience