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DNS issue with one host

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  • DNS issue with one host

    We recently moved into a new building with a new network. The old network had IP addresses of, the new is I have one device that I am having an issue with. If I use the host name and the domain name I can reach it, but if I use the host name alone it times out looking for it's old IP address. For example, ping NAS01.mydomain.local will resolve to it's new address of, but if I ping NAS01 it times out looking for, it's former address. In the DNS server ( windows 2008 R2 ) there is a record for it with the correct current ip address in forward lookup zones. I have verified that the correct dns server and gw address are used on the nas device. What can I do to get it to respond to it's hostname alone.

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    Check to see if the Computer Browser service is running on the PC in question.
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      Check that there is no static IP entries in the NIC properties. Not likely on a desktop but I used to have a static IP in the Alternate Configuration in the Internet Protocol Properties tab. Used to forget it quite often.


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        Also, on the host from which you are trying to ping the machine run ipconfig /flushdns so that any old/stale cached entries are removed.
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          Kindly check on which DNS server request is going, might be A record should be there on that DNS