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  • Setup SMTP

    hello all.

    I have basic Windows knowledge but wonder if you experts can help. I'm an administrator of a Mitel mn3300 PBX and want to set up voicemail to email. I have a windows server 2008 r2 and followed videos on how to setup the SMTP side.

    now for this to work as the Mitel doesn't send authenticity, so trying to use the SMPT as a relay server. Ideally I would like to send it to a free service like gmail.

    So the it's still IIS6 and not IIS7 if that makes any difference. As I said, I have followed a video to setup the SMPT (if it's right). From doing this I still can't get it to start as get a DNS error. Also not sure what to point my PBX to, is it the IP address of the server? How do I get the server to relay this to gmail to hopefully sent it to my work email.

    any help will be great, remember to keep it simple lol

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    This is probably best asked in a Mitel forum (if there are any) WIndows SMTP is pretty basic, and if you have followed online instructions, should be configured correctly.

    Without detailed knowledge of your network, the DNS error could be almost anything. Forwarding to gmail appears straightforward (e.g.

    I would assume the Mitel would have the IP or DNS name of the SMTP server, but it is (thankfully) not a product I am knowledgeable about.
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