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Remote desktop Access denied error

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  • Remote desktop Access denied error


    We have 2008 server that we use as our terminal server. It has been working fine the past 5 years.

    Today, if a user tries to login via RDP, they get access denied. This is either from inside or outside the server.

    The strangest thing is that if I user a RDP app on my iphone, I can login fine with no issue. But using Microsoft RDP from windows 7 desktops and laptops, we get access denied for any user.

    All services seems to be working fine. When I review the configuration, I see that the license server is registered in AD and part of the licensing server group in AD.

    There was no recent change and was working fine till this morning. Again, I can access fine from my IPHONE RDP cleint.

    I noticed that many of the licenses issues don't expire till a month from now and the licenses that have been issued are more that the available licenses. This never been an issue because we only have one or 2 users on it at a time.

    Any idea what might be issue? We restarted the server but still no luck.


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