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  • Show all the attributes of a domain

    Hi, I have a domain company with which we have been working 10 years (W2000) and have now created another domain (W2008 r2) called
    We work all right, but when making a dsquery to see all the attributes (dsquery * ou=stores,ou=external,ou=users,dc=company,dc=es -limit 30000 -attr * -filter cn="VEND1") I see that shows me the domain 45 fields, but when I do the same dsquery (dsquery * ou=zone1,ou=external,ou=people,dc=empresa1,dc=es -limit 30000 -attr * -filter cn="USE1") shows me as 21 fields.
    "I have to do to get in empresa1 show me all the fields (45 fields)?
    sorry for my English but I am Spanish and I used the google translator
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