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Windows 10 / Server 2012R2 Group Policies

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  • Windows 10 / Server 2012R2 Group Policies

    We're starting to build some Windows 10 workstations for our company and now want to utilize some of the Advanced Audit Policies available. We've downloaded and imported the latest ADMX files for Windows 10 but are now having a problem where we can't see certain policies. I created a new GPO and under Security Settings -> Advanced Audit Policy Configuration -> Audit Policies -> Detailed Tracking, I'm not seeing "Audit PNP Activity" Our server is running Windows Server 2012 R2. Is this expected behavior since that Subcategory is new to Windows 10? Will we be able to set any Windows 10 specific group policy settings if our server is what it is? Thanks

    Just to clarify, I posted this in the 2008 forum since our Domain Controllers are still 2008. We're running AGPM on 2012 servers.
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