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Windows 2008 Setup won't create reserved partition

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  • Windows 2008 Setup won't create reserved partition


    I'm trying to do a system restore on a server, trying different methods to do so.
    One of those methods if to do the restore when you are at the windows setup, when I tried this I received the error 0x80070057.
    When looking for information is related to the system reserved partition which this server doesn't have it.

    So I tried to install windows in the partition reserved for this, when I selected the disk windows its supposed to show me a message as the point 12 here [] but for some reason it doesn't

    If I create the partition manually, it creates a primary partition instead of a system one, and also I don't know if creating the partition this way will counts a system partition.

    Any help will be really appreciate.
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    What do you see after clicking Apply at Step 11?
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