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Backup/Restore using Windows Backup

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  • Backup/Restore using Windows Backup

    Hi guys.
    I'm having trouble doing a system restore using the utility for backups in windows.
    I've tried many ways to do the restore, a system restore, but none of them seen to work.

    I'm doing this in a lab, for future disaster recovery like scenarios.

    So I would like the best way [command line] to use Windows Backup (WBadmin) to do a Operating System Backup which INCLUDES all the files & Apps from the C:\ Partition
    and the command to do the restore.

    I did a restore using START RECOVERY but only the OS files were copied, no profiles, not IIS, no apps.

    I need to be able to restore a server to a previous form.

    Also, I'm happy to test any free utility that allows me to accomplish this task.

    Thank you
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    The article lists all the commands. Each command is hyperlinked and has its own page where detailed syntax explanations, parameters and examples are given.

    For example, 'Start Recovery' links to this page.
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