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Historical Certificate Authority in 2008 R2 domain

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  • Historical Certificate Authority in 2008 R2 domain

    Hi Everyone,

    My domain consists of 4 domain controllers(SERVER 2008 R2), we have 1 Exchange 2010 CAS/HT(SP3), 1 Exchange 2010 MBX(SP3) and an SQL server.

    Our Exchange 2010 connectivity(outlook anywhere) uses a valid SSL.

    My issue is that I have an old 2003 member server which has certificate services installed..... I want to uninstall this as I don't require it any more.

    At the moment the service won't start due to the following message "A REQUIRED CERTIFICATE IS NOT WITHIN IT'S VALIDITY PERIOD WHEN VERIFYING AGAINST THE CURRENT SYSTEM CLOCK SYSTEM"... this I'm not worried about as there were no valid issued certificates from this system. I know this as I saw the expiration date column of all issued certificates was 14 - 04 - 2014, before I restarted this server and started receiving above warning and the service not starting.

    So at the moment I feel my cert server in not functioning anyway. So if I uninstall this cert service feature...... WILL IT BREAK ANYTHING. I personally don't think so, BUT would like to hear from you guys to see if you are of the same opinion.

    Thanks in advanced
    Mark Jones

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    Are you able to simply shut-down the server? If you can leave it off you'd know pretty quickly if anything was relying on it. However, if all the certs are out of date, I suspect anything using them would have flagged this up a long time ago. Note that I've never had to use certificate services so am happy to be corrected.
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      I agree with the shutdown option and by the sounds of it, I suspect you would have already encountered an issue. Review some existing servers and the certificates installed using the Certificates snap-in via MMC and review the event viewer to see if there are nay errors or warnings with regards to certificates.


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        Hi guys. Thanks for responding, I agree that I should have seen issue by now, so I'm going for the shutdown test for a couple of week. Thanks again.