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Change boot disk - installed to wrong one

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  • Change boot disk - installed to wrong one


    I have an HP server with two RAID arrays that is part of a DFS group, the DFS shares are on one RAID controller and the system disk was on another.

    The system disk failed, so I tried to rebuild the server (backup? - don't ask!) from the original media. Going through the install, the target disk seemed to be fine, i.e., it was the "system disk" that was the target for the install, but after the install completed, I found that Windows had been installed to the DFS disk. Windows had formatted the right disk, leaving the DFS areas untouched, but didn't use it for the install.

    So, now the DFS disks that were D: and E: are now C: (Disk 0) and D: (Disk 1) and the disk that I wanted as the boot/system disk is empty and doesn't have a drive letter assigned in disk manager where it is listed as Disk 2. Disk 2 is shown as System, Active, Primary Partition. Disk 0 is shown as Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition.

    Can anyone tell me I it is possible to recover the situation without a re-install please? i.e., move the system files to the right disk and re-assign the drive letters to their original ?


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    I don't follow your setup. Are all the drives attached to the RAID array and which level of RAID are you using for each set? Did/do you have just one drive for your Windows installation?
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      The server has two RAID controllers :
      The first controller has two internal SCSI disks attached, configured as RAID1
      The second controller is connected to an external SCSI enclosure with 10 disks installed, configured as 2 RAID 5 arrays.

      When the install is done, the system correctly formats the RAID 1 array, but installs the OS onto one of the RAID 5 arrays

      When the install completes, the systems has drives C and D, each of which is one of the RAID 5 arrays and the RAID 1 array is empty with no drive letter assigned



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        Just an idea, wipe everything again and disconnect the Raid5 array. Only have your mirror and install again, when the install is complete re attach Raid5.
        As it's a server it would be best to start out fresh and all be working as intended.
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          Did both of your RAID 1 disks fail? Were you not able to swap out the failed drive for another one and allow the array to rebuild the disk?
          A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy