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Setting up a Logon Script through GPO in Windows Server 2008

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  • Setting up a Logon Script through GPO in Windows Server 2008

    We created a new VBS login script that supersedes a previous script that resides on a remote DC. The new VBS script is located on the main DC and has been pushed out to the remote server. The issue is there are (2) users that I know at the remote site where the new Logon Script wasn't implemented and the original script ran instead. I ran a gpresult and it showed that old logon script ran instead. I have done the following: ran a gpupdate on both the W/S and Server. I also enable the force option on the GPO. Am I missing anything? Any pointers would be helpful.

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    Anything in the AD profile?

    Full AD replication occurred?


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      No to anything in the AD profile. Full AD replication might be causing the issue because we found under AD Sites and Services one of the sites that have a DC the DNS name of the DC is listed properly but the name of the server followed by GUID : CNF:26d18e1e-9069-4b60-bb37-6baf554a8351. I have found that this information is called globally unique identifier (GUID). This might be preventing replication is this true?


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        It could be yes.

        What does a DCDIAG show?


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          Thanks, for your help. I was able to correct the issue by re-naming the DC in AD sites and Services. Once that was completed replication took place and the log in script was working as it planned. Unless, I mistaken I thought one of the benefits of using M/S AD was the fault tolerance. If one site was unavailable you could still replicate to the other sites, by way of manual replication. Am I mistaken?


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            Replication will occur across all sites when they are online. If a site goes offline then it will receive the relevant updates when it comes back online. Clients in that site should still be able to logon and work if the connection is the only thing that is disrupted. If the DC goes down then your clients on that site should still be able to work by logging on to another site.