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Fsrm + sep 11

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  • Fsrm + sep 11

    I can't get FSRM running. First thing to check is the Firewall. Unfortunately, we are supplied with Symantec EP v11 and it takes over the Firewall completely so I can't change anything. I am currently uninstalling it - I hate the program really.

    I may be stuck with it though - what is a reasonably priced alternative or can I modify a new install? School is on a break so the server is pretty safe for 2 weeks.

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    Re: Fsrm + sep 11

    I will answer myself since I am sure I need help

    The FSRM service was installed, the role was not. Had to look in Server Manager/File Services. FSRM is now working. Soon I will be able to see how 70 gigs of user files suddenly appeared!

    SEP11 has a custom install, so I ditched the Network Intrusion Protection, see we are behind a very robust corporate firewall.