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Winsxs folder, still nothing we can do about it?

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  • Winsxs folder, still nothing we can do about it?


    This is just a quick, has anyone found a solution to the Winsxs folder taking massive amounts of space. I know we can not simply delete, but there must be a way to srink, more, or at the very lest remove the files from 3 years ago (that have 5 other newer copies, if all 5 other them get corrupted, I am happy to reinstall)

    We have a few servers that the folder has grown to over 50% of the hard drive. One site the windows footprint is 29GB, and thats after being cleared of all temp files, and having as much moved off the C drive as possible.

    Having a Folder that requires more space then the min specs for the OS is alittle silly, as if I had followed MS advice, none of my servers would still be running.

    If in asking for more details about a problem I seem to be rude, think about it this way, If I did not have to ask, I would not of been forced to be rude.

    Please assume anything and everything I say to be wrong unless I have provided links and evidence, or you have done the same.
    IE: you blow your server up following my advice, not my bad

    A OP is bad if I can go to and answer the question by pressing 4 buttons. "Ctrl +c, Ctrl +v".

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    Re: Winsxs folder, still nothing we can do about it?

    Anything helpful here:

    A quick skim suggests its another microsoft "feature"
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