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Raid & 2008 os

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  • Raid & 2008 os

    I'm creating a storage server with Server 2008 Std. and it has 8 physical drives that are 1 TB each.
    I would like to have a C: drive partition that is 30GB and the remaining drives as another partition.
    What would be the best RAID configuration to apply?

    I put this under this section because 2008 server I believe has limitations on the partition size.

    Thanks in advanced

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    Re: Raid & 2008 os

    As it really depends on your environment, your aims and your data usage, there is no one answer.

    However, I'm going to give you one answer. Just use RAID5.
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      Re: Raid & 2008 os

      The only limitation you can run into is the boot partition size. This has a 2 TB limit when using a classic BIOS. If you have EFI and your storage controller supports it you can use a larger size boot disk. Gert.

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