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Moving file server from old Domain to new Domain

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  • Moving file server from old Domain to new Domain

    I have an unusual situation during an acquisition of small part of a Bank, for migrating some file servers from DomainA to DomainB. We are not allowed to created trust between Domains, we will be given control on file servers once DomainA will be decommissioned. We can only Disjoin and Rejoin file servers from DomainA to DomainB.
    That means that neither we can use ADMT for security translation, nor we canít user File Server Migration Toolkit because we have to move same servers to new domain.
    No real migration can be done between domain that means if we have a user user.DomainA we canít migrate it to DomainB, we will have to create a new user user.DomainB in new domain.
    So in this scenario is it possible through any method or any tool (Microsoftís or Partnerís) that we can assign permission of user*.DomainA to user*.DomainB, while DomainB is not present.
    If anyone has any idea about this please let me know.

    Syed Wasay

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    Re: Moving file server from old Domain to new Domain

    FSMT is not AD aware, so as long as you have permissions to the shares you can use it. You can also "cheat" by creating a local user on the target server with the same username and password as the source server, I've had to do that a few times migrating workgroup servers to AD.

    Robocopy is also an option, it in fact seems to be Microsoft's preferred migration method as that is what is specified in the SBS migration guides rather than FSMT. That requires pre-creating the target directories though which FSMT does for you.
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      Re: Moving file server from old Domain to new Domain

      But I have to move same file server to new Domain, I am not copying date to now file server, I think FSMT works when we migrate file server to another server, same is the case with Robocopy
      Please correct me if I am wrong.
      Need solution for moving same server to new domain.

      Syed Wasay


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        Re: Moving file server from old Domain to new Domain

        Robocopy can copy from a source on one server, to a destination on the same srver. You just need double the space.

        robocopy D:\data E:\data /E /Z /SEC

        you could also try the "/MOVE" command - howevfer make sure you remibnd yourself of the behaviours of permissions while files are moved as opposed to copied and so forth
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