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novell to AD migration business case

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  • novell to AD migration business case

    Hey guys im not sure if this is the place to put this but here goes

    in the company i work for we run Novell (NDS and file serve) aswell as AD exchange, file and print but we are slowly phasing out NDS.

    we have one remote site that has their own NDS tree and i have been given the go ahead to come up with a business case to replace this server with DC there

    we will be using the exisiting hardware and already have a 2008 licence

    what i really need is some ammunition to take to the exec team to show them that this is a good idea for support wise - well maybe the reduced support costs needed to run a DC there, improved customer experience for the users and over all transperancy and connectivity with our soon to be active directory environment

    any ideas that you guys can think of or links to help me

    i really appreciate your help


    (sorry if this is the wrong place)

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    Re: novell to AD migration business case

    This is worth reviewing.