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Using netsend to confirm all AD Users

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  • Using netsend to confirm all AD Users

    Hello Friends

    I want to send message to all active directory users that internet going to be down for 10 minutes, as example, How does it work ? or to specific users.

    or is there any free tool to do it like (solar wind tools ).

    With all my respect....

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    Re: Using netsend to confirm all AD Users

    It depends on the Windows Messenger Services on the clients -- this is disabled by default

    There are (or used to be) 3rd party shells to send to all or some computers (not users)

    Is email an option?
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      Re: Using netsend to confirm all AD Users

      Email would be less of an issue.

      Do you have an announcment system where you work???

      You could use that to announce that there will be a short outage. We use it where i work and everyone in the building knows about it.


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        Re: Using netsend to confirm all AD Users


        did you find a solution ? I think msg.exe can do the trick but only to connected user otherwise we use a paying tool called dmessage ( but the problem is that u will need to install a component on each receiving pc


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          Re: Using netsend to confirm all AD Users

          We use RealPopUp where I work. I have noticed that when a message is sent to the domain, computers that do not have RealPopUp installed display a message on the screen (longer messages are truncated). You could easily send a short message to all computers using this.

          So, you could try to install RP on your PC and send a message to the domain. No need to install it anywhere else.

          [Edit Jan 5]
          To clarify about the use of RP, there are two sending options - you can send to 1. users or groups of users and 2. the domain. If you send a message to a user and RP is not installed the message will fail as it is trying to connect to another installation of RP. However, when sending to a domain, the message appears on all machines whether RP is installed or not as it uses the native Windows service.
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            Re: Using netsend to confirm all AD Users

            netsend and similar have been disabled in recent versions of microsoft - you need to use a replacement tool.

            although email is a pretty good substitute. Or Live Communicator.

            better yet, just distribute it to th managers, and let them distribute it to their teams.

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              Re: Using netsend to confirm all AD Users

              Net send, which utilises the messenger service was removed from Vista onwards.

              If you want to use it for Vista/Windows 7 then you'll need to install Windows Live Messenger on every Vista/7 PC.

              If all your PC's are XP, then you'll be fine, though I'm not sure about SP3

              Beleive me, I went though this saga just before Christmas because I have a script looking up a registry key and if not found email ICT. We have a mixture of XP/Vista and net send would not work so resulted in using a 3rd party email product 'Blat' which works a treat using our Exchange Server to send it.