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Group policy...2 hrs and still..not there

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  • Group policy...2 hrs and still..not there

    Hi Guys,,

    If somebody can help me with these problems i wil lbe mighty in dept..

    Problem 1 .. I have tried everythign to alow all admins to be able to type there creds in when UAC pops up and run but it still asks for the main administrator password after..pleae some1 put me out of my misery and tell me how....

    Problem 2... I have created a GPO for a group that are all domain users so they can enable and disable netwoprk connections.. users>admin>network>ability to enable disable credentials... apply it but it still says that not enough prvilages.. even a admin account cannot do it.. i am right in thinkin i can enable this from the 2008 dc?

    any help will be most appreciated

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    Re: Group policy...2 hrs and still..not there

    Sincere apologies if I misunderstood your question, but IIRC "UAC" settings are related to the "Computer Configuration". Therefore you have to create and link the GPO to the Container that houses the Computers (not the Users).

    I configured my GPO UAC settings within: Computer Configuration => Policies => Windows Settings => Security Settings => Local Policies => Security Options.