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Assigning a vbs script based on groups

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  • Assigning a vbs script based on groups

    I think I have finally got Favorites working on our XP clients with a vbs script I found here However, I have hit a snag with the students, because a Year 10 student's home folder is at \\server1\Student_H\2012\%username% and a year 12 is at \\server1\Student_H\2010\%username%. Is there an easy way to run a script based on their groups? Otherwise I need to create a login script for each group and I'm trying to reduce this type of duplication. Thanks very much for your time.

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    Re: Assigning a vbs script based on groups

    The easiest way to assign different scripts is to put each year into its own OU and write one script per OU.

    If you only want one script you will need a number of IFs to query groups the student is a member of.

    Since the changes in the scripts are minimal and you will have 7 year (at most) to manage, IMHO would go for the OUs and individual scripts option
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      Re: Assigning a vbs script based on groups

      Thanks Ossian. Good call. At least I can mostly copy and paste. Just thought I'd ask in case I was missing something . . .


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        Re: Assigning a vbs script based on groups

        If you decide to create a GPO per 'Year', it can be used to redirect the user's folders by policy. And the same gpo can also used to redirect the Favorites folder simply by using Group Policy Preferences (GPP). No script needed.
        Therefore KB943729 must be installed first on the Windows XP computers - by WSUS (-will be found in Feature Packs) or - by a startup script

        But,,, Where/how is the user's home folder currently configured?
        Maybe the parent path for the new Favorites folder can be retrieved from somewhere and then used in the script. The benefit using a logonscript instead of using GPP for the redirection of the Favorites folder is that a logonscript can also setup a Follow-Up procedure for moving any existing items from the old Favorites folder to the new location.


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