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Change Share Permissions sub folder

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  • Change Share Permissions sub folder


    I am looking to allow domain users to write to a subfolder

    The share permissions on the root folder permit only read for domain users. The NTFS permissions allow modify

    I can write to this folder with my domain admin account

    Standard users cannot write to this folder despite having the modify NTFS permission

    I understand standard practice dictates that the root Share permissions should be set to Full control for everybody but on this occasion they are not
    I dont want to alter the root folders "share" permissions as someone else may have had some logic for doing so.

    The share Tab is not present on subfolders. I can only seem to modify the NTFS permissions on sub folder not the share permissions

    I need to change the share permissions on the sub folder to allow writing to it without modfiying the root folder

    Cant find solution after much searching

    Thanks for reading


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    You can create a global security group and populate it with the accounts of those staff who need to modify the sub-folder. Add the security group to the share permissions with full control and add the security group to the sub-folder's security with explicitly applied permissions.

    If you want to make sure they are not able to modify the root, add the group to the root's security as well with read-only permissions but make sure the setting is only applied to the current (the root) folder (i.e. it is not inherited) by using the advanced section of the Security tab and un-checking the option to 'Replace all existing inheritable permissions...' for that group.
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