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  • counting licences KMS server

    Hi, I hope I'm in the right forum, I have a KMS server W srv 2008r2, working good so far. I use it for licencing Windows (7-10) and Office (2010-2013) I would like to know how many machines have been licenced by the server. I know that i can (kind of) use VAMT (
    My problem is that we have office installed on all of our machines. Some have Visio and/or/ms-project as well. The KMS licence # is the same for the 3 products,can I see/find which machines have which products ? Or with another tool ?
    Many thanks

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    KMs wont give you what you want unless you're using different client keys for the products concerned (as you already found out). However, doing a quick search with (you knew this was coming!) , I found this blog:

    Have a read through the answers, there are several quoted, even a powershell script that generates reports and saves them. Or better yet, from the same search I also found a complete PS script with Help included, ready to download, here:

    The page has a Description section to explain some things, and a Q&A section which you may also find helpful.
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      Many thanks, to my denfense, I'd say that I searched, but English is not my language, so as you surely know, getting the right ansers is first asking the right questions (my quote) And that's where is fall short of ...