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    Hi folks, has anyone came across this issue and before I start it was previously working. We have have a bunch of users in a OU and we use the home folder within AD for for folder redirection. This folder is being mapped to the H drive, when the user logs in the H drive is not there, if I manually map the H drive, select reconnect at logon and reboot the h drives is not there, if I mapped the driver letter to something different like G it works fine. There are no permissions issues, as long as we change the drive letter to g and map the drive manually it works but if you change the manual mapping to h it doesnt. This is affecting all users within the OU apart from one which makes it more strange, we have compared AD memebership etc and nothing is different.

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    Same issue here - OP used GPP in the end but does not say whether it worked.
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      ok we have reverted to putting in first.surname, apparently it was working the other way before but who knows, sorted anyway.