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ADMX files for windows 10 on Windows 2008R2

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  • ADMX files for windows 10 on Windows 2008R2

    Hi we currently have 6 AD servers under the same domain, all those servers are Windows 2008 R2

    My boss want me to evaluate the possiblity of adding Windows 10 PC in the domain, everything works, exept specific Windows 10 GPO.

    I downloaded the .admx files for windows 10 on the microsoft website, but I then saw that the Admx files were in the original path which is iirc c:\Windows

    My questions are

    1) Can I just paste and overwrite the old Windows 2008 R2 ADMX files with the one from Windows 10 that I downloaded?
    2) Since we have 6 AD and that the ADMX files are not in the sysvol folder, does that means i'll have to replace the ADMX on all 6 servers, or will they still 'kinda replicate'

    Thanks all!

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    1. Yes, well depending on how you have your system setup. Do you have a PolicyDefinitions folder created?
    2. Yes they will replicate.


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      Hi, thanks for the answer.

      Yes all my .admx are in c:\windows\PolicyDefinitions for all servers.

      So just making sure I understand, I can just
      a) Backup the PolicyDefinitions folder
      b) Copy all the windows 10 .admx files
      c) Paste them in the orginal folder c:\windows\PolicyDefinitions overwriting all the files
      d) Not only this will work, but all my 5 others AD will also receive the updated .admx as well?

      If i do that, do i need to redo the existing GPO or will they continue working?


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        Yes that will be perfectly fine.

        I would check your GPO's but they shold also be fine. This is what we've done when adding new GPO's for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012