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Creating new domain

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  • Creating new domain

    Hello guys,

    Im looking for some advice in relation to my first domain implementation in a very small office. Im new in this company and they have been using a workgroup in their network under Windows 2008 R2, the server has just some folders that are shared so the users can run some programs.

    Obviously this leaves no room to manage users permissions. Ive seen some tutorials on how to implement active directory and it seems pretty straighforward. Now my question is, when I run the wizard to activate the AD system, can this screw up the access from the clients to the shared folders? Can I revert back to the workgroup if it gets hairy? I know I how to join each client to the domain, is creating the domain what I have not done yet.

    I would appreciate any help,


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    You can un-promote a DC without too many issues (a reboot required). Depending on the permissions, non-domain clients may be able to access resources once you promote the server, but you will want to review all permissions as part of the re-organisation.

    If you have a "spare" PC, try installing server 2008R2 (trial/evaluation mode) and practicing the DC Promo - keep it off the live network though...
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      Please, do not use this as a learning and testing site. Do some research, read a book or two, watch some YouTube video tutorials that are available or use this 10 day FREE trial for Pluralsight tutorials. Click on the word YouTube and Pluralsight in the previous sentence for a list of the FREE 10 day Trial tutorials.

      If possible, set up a Virtual Machine domain at home (or work if they have the capacity and it won't affect the production environment) and do a bit of learning first. It's not difficult but you really don't want to risk stuffing up in your new job.

      MOST IMPORTANT. Make sure you backup ALL data before running DCPROMO on the Server to add AD and other Domain components.
      Do not use the FQDN that your company my own. Suggest you use something like companyname.lan (assuming your company name is not several hundred characters long).

      Please post back with any question you will have and please don't rush this project. I did an upgrade once and it was an 18 month project with lots and lots f documentation.
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        Thanks a lot guys, I am delaying this project then until I learn more about it.



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          There's so much available on this topic (also a lot on the main site). I would encourage you to sit on it while doing some labs, it's going to make your life much easier.

          Daniel Petri
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