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  • KB980842 Patch


    I have a problem with some Citrix servers in that the moment they use anything Citrixy they restart.

    This happened after applying something like 30 patches and is solved once those patches were uninstalled again.

    To cut a long story short I am now applying the patches in groups to establish which patch is the issue ... the first 10 patches I installed caused the issue so, on the assumption that it was only one patch causing the issue, I uninstalled 5 of the patches. The problem vanished so, with my client's agreement we agreed to repatch the five patches one patch at a time; I've done four and am now left with only KB980842.

    I cannot locate patch KB980842; we use BladeLogic to patch, I've looked at installed and missing patches on that and can't find it. It's not in BladeLogic or one of the 26 patches the server says it has ready to install (all 4 other patches were on the latter). I've looked on the web and can't find the patch anywhere (64bit), there is some suggestion it was in SP2 but I'm not sure.

    Anyone any idea?


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    Are you after the Patch or info relating to it? I'm sure you found the info but just in case, KB980842
    Bit confused about this as the date in the KB article indicates that this was released around September 2010 or rather that was when the article info was last updated. Do you have any free TechNet (or whatever the damn things are called now) Support tickets to use? Don't know what MS Support are like now but they used to be reasonable helpful.

    Have you asked on any Citrix Forums if any of them have encountered an issue with this patch?
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