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Time and currency format: English EUR

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  • Time and currency format: English EUR

    I have maybe a ridiculous question, but this annoys me for years now and it only gets worse…..

    I'm responsible for all servers in our multi-site company with most sites in EU. Off course we want to install all software in English and we also do with Windows Servers. But at installation time we have to choose “Time and currency format”. Off course this is done by selecting the language and country. But the point here is that you cannot select English (EUR) with the correct country.

    This by itself is not a real problem because the OS is still in English. But when installing other software (eg: VMWare tools, Adobe, Lotus, …) it will look at these settings and the installer (usually a single installer for all languages nowadays) and changes it installed language to the local language.

    Only thing I can do is select English (US) or English (UK), but then I have to change everything manual to have the correct settings. This is a problem on my servers but basically also for my client computer, since we have foreign users in different countries who don’t speak the local language.

    How do other international companies handle this? And is there a better solution?

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    Have you considered user Group Policy Preferences, with different policies for your different sites?
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