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Relocate a shared folder

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  • Relocate a shared folder

    Dear friends,

    I am using windows server 2008 named : win2008 , no AD or DC
    I have a shared folder on D drive: \\win2008\public\Sales
    Sales folder is too large and coming full. I have installed a new drive and assigned drive letter: E

    I want to move Sales folder to new drive E, but still want user able access via previous network path: \\win2008\public\Sales. Is there any solution?

    Because in Sales folder have many doc/excel file link to pictures and other files.

    Thanks a lot for any help.

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    Unshare the existing share on the d:
    Move the data to the e:
    Share the folder with the same name

    Job done


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      Your best bet may be to install DFS. Although it won't help you in this instance (wullieb1's suggestion will), it will prevent this from happening in the future. Using DFS you can share the contents of your network via 'virtual' shares - namespaces. These rely on UNC paths. If your data needs to move to a new server you simply edit the UNC path that the DFS shares are linked to and the users won't even know that anything has changed.

      Sorry - saw this related to moving data on the same server... But, perhaps the OP may find it useful.
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        Or, to look at it a different way (not sure if this would work)
        Mount the new drive as E: Drive. Copy allllllll your data (use robocopy!) onto the drive.
        Verify copy.
        Delete data from source.
        Dismount E: drive
        Mount as Folder at location of original data

        there you go
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          Originally posted by Tannv View Post
          I want to move Sales folder to new drive E, but still want user able access via previous network path: \\win2008\public\Sales. Is there any solution?
          There is a way. You can move the sales folder to the new drive and then create a junction point to it. That way everything will have the same path. However, I will say that these are hard to managed and not obvious.

          You can use the junction utility from sysinternals to create and manage the junction point:

          You may want to look at separating out the share now and using DFS Namespaces like Blood suggests as this will give you greater flexibility and scalability in the future.

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            Robocopy would be easiest. I've used Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit in the past to do it too.
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