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VSS error in Windows Server 2008 R2

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  • VSS error in Windows Server 2008 R2

    Dear All,
    First i am sorry for my English and This is the first time that i joint forum here. Please forgive me any mistakes.

    Here is Problem:
    Our File Server Running Windows 2008 R2.
    We have problem with "Shadow Copy"
    This is the following problems:
    1-First time "Previous Version" not appear to every "Work Station" machines so I went to check on Server and tried to right click on HDD Drive to see Scheduled for "Shadow Copy" it was hang up and not allow me to get in to "Shadow Copy" property and if i click on HDD drive Property Screen, it become not respond so last time i kill process.
    So last way, i restart server after Server Restart, I can got into "Shadow Copy" and i saw the Scheduled was work property.. and after that, the "Previouse Version" appear to all "Work Station Machines"

    4days later, "Previous Version" not appear more on "Work Station " machines, so i went to check on File Server Hard Disk Drive, It was seems load so slow and it was not bring me to "Shadwo Copy" so i checked the process of Task Manager, i saw on process was taking 7 gig of RAM, i kill that task, and i can got into "Shadow Copy" and "Previos Version" is working after i can get into "Shadow Copy"

    2 days more," Shadow Copy" not appear more.. i tried to go the same ways by Right Click on File Server HDD to get into "Previose Version" but it was not allow me to got there and just hang up and if i click on the HDD property Screen it will not respond.. and i check the process of task manager, it was not bad..
    I checked on VSS service, it was running well...
    after that, i tried to Stop VSS(Services.msc) and Restart it, but it was not allow me to restart because the restart was gray...

    So i tried to get into "Shadow Copy" again, i got the last error message:

    Shadow Copies:
    Initialization failed.
    Error 0x80080005: Server execution failed

    Could some please help me to investigate and find out me to fix these problem that i detail since from the first to last error?
    I will really do great appropriate you for all your best help.
    If you need more detial, please let me know.

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    What does Mr Event Viewer say about this issue?

    In the meantime, a little reading. Error 0x80080005: Server execution failed shadow copy
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      Hello Sir,
      I got it fix.
      The problem is two programs are using one process together.
      Best regards,