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DNS SRV record deleted and recreated automatically

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  • DNS SRV record deleted and recreated automatically

    Hi all!

    I have a domain with two DC's running windows 2008r2. DC1 is an old machine that is waiting replacement, but in the meantime it has to go on working but is giving a lot of problems. DC2 has almost all roles now, but DC1 is retaining Certificate Services, AD Domain Services, DHCP and DNS. Since I cannot export Certificate Services to DC2 (it has Web certificate services enabled), I am trying to give DC1 the minimum work. The problem I need to solve is this one:

    DC1 and DC2 are DNS servers. I want to give a weight and priority to DC1 so DC2 will be the prevailing server. So I have set to DC2 priority 0 and weight 100, and DC1 priority 50 and weight 10 in all forward lookup zones for both servers in all SRV type records. But after a few minutes, again appears automatically a DC1 SRV record with weight 100 and priority 0. If I delete this record, it is recreated again and again... How can I delete it definitely? DC1 is causing a lot of headaches in my network, but cannot switch it off until replacement arrives!!!

    Thank you!

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    You have to make the change in the Registry of the DC in question. This article is for Windows Server 2003 but it should still be relevant for Windows Server 2008 R2. -


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      It's now OK. Thank you very much!