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WDS deployment into OEM licensed workstation

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  • WDS deployment into OEM licensed workstation

    To All,

    I'm about to deploy new Windows 7 Professional OS into my new HP Desktop 6000 SFF ( Win 7 Professional OEM license included)

    my question is that for the base image, Is it ok to get just one Windows 7 Professional with 3 years Open Value ?

    The image is created from a volume install/key and this is then imaged on to 100 identical machines which all hold their own OEM licenses, So my assumption is that as long as i can show the OEM key for each machine, then it is all legal.

    Any suggestion and reference to the Microsoft Official Documentation will be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: WDS deployment into OEM licensed workstation

    Only if you have enough seats on your volume license to cover these machines. If you're intending to cover them with their OEM licenses, then no you can't. A VL copy is effectively a retail copy with a different attitude towards activation. Retail and VL copies are supported by Microsoft. OEM on the other hand is supported by the machine vendor.

    Since you have a VL, talk to your license provider and ask for them to explain the rules.

    Reference: our VL consultant.
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