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Share on server asking for a password

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  • Share on server asking for a password

    hi all,

    When users on the domain (server 2008 R2 - clients windows XP SP3) the login script run and then stop requesting a user name and then a password.
    I manage to narrow this to the users home share folder which we are mapping via active directory, but then again I really not sure.

    Yesterday when I had a "blond" moment I created share folders using the users names to enable scanning on the network. In that "Blond" moment I created those scan share with the same names of the users’ home share on the same server and I have a feeling that this created the problem. I have moved the "scanned" shared to a different Server yesterday.

    On my user home share I gave the everyone group full permission and the same with NTFS and I am still asked for a user name and password.
    Can you help me with that?
    I thank you for your time in advance.


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    Re: Share on server asking for a password

    ok all is ok - need to give back the onwership to the user!!!!!


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      Re: Share on server asking for a password

      Well done for fixing the problem and thanks for letting us know your fix
      Gareth Howells

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        Re: Share on server asking for a password

        Hi all,

        Not sure what happen no changes nothing and the problem is back.
        When the logon scripts are running when we try to connect to the user home share the logon scripts are asking for use name to log on 'server':
        Not sure why needs some ideas back?
        It seems that the fix I did last time is not working I gave everyone permissions on all folder and still the same problem I am really stuck can use some help if anyone has sometime.
        Could it be problem with GPO? At this stage I will take any suggestions



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          Re: Share on server asking for a password

          when you put the username and password in does it work?

          If you type

          net use x: \\server1\share from a PC and a user that "has access" what are the results?

          If it asks for a password and then accepts it, then it can only be a problem with accessing AD/domain.

          Is there a problem with network speed? Is slow link detection the issue? Have you looked at your switches to make sure they are not flashing like a Christmas tree and maybe this is why the problem went away i the first place because the troublesome device was unplugged?

          What happens when you ping -t your DC from an affected host?

          Process of elimination this one, lots of things to try, but shouldn't be too difficult to resolve.
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            Re: Share on server asking for a password

            Hi Ste,

            Thank you for your time.
            When I tried to map using the net use this way:

            net use y:\\server\users -> all is ok

            When I tired to get to the user folder
            net use y:\\server\users\username -> I get:

            "System error 5 has occurred

            Access is denied"

            Let me give everyone some more information that maybe I should before;
            This is for the users homeshare - we map the folder via the active directory on the user roaming tab. the user home share is create when we create the user on the active directory.

            Not sure what has change but it has done this before. Last time I gave ownership to the each user on their folder and it worked until yesterday. No one touched the folders or change anything.

            The location is on the server on the F: drive
            I have a folder names share - which we mapdrives to subfolders and they seem to be working fine no issues at all
            also on the same level where the Share folder is located I have the users folder and it has all the users shares folder.

            Since yesterday I have change the share permissions and NTFS permission ownership etc with no luck.

            When I click start run and \\server\users\username I can access without any problems.

            The network speed is good.
            When I ping the server with the -t I get an immediate reply.

            Again really appreciate all your help



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              Re: Share on server asking for a password

              Hi all,

              Ok now that I wait away had coffee I just thought that it can be a different problem.

              It is not the user home share it was another share which for whatever reason was deleted from the server - ha.

              So all is good and beck to normal until next time and again thank you all for the time and the help really appreciated.