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SBS 2003 - Windows Server 2008 Sharepoint

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  • SBS 2003 - Windows Server 2008 Sharepoint

    Hi Guys

    I have a big problem on my hands. We have migrated from SBS2003 to full windows Server 2008 AD and Exchange 2010. Sharepoint was running on the SBS server but now is broken. I have the DB files and would like to know how I can re-create the site and use the database I have as a content databse with a new web site. Preferably on Sharepoint 3.0. Any help will be appreciated.


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    Re: SBS 2003 - Windows Server 2008 Sharepoint

    Providing you have the content database, you should be able to do so.

    Also, with Windows 2008 server, you have the option to use the WSS3 or you can consider using SharePoint Foundation 2010. In your case, I would stick to WSS3.

    Create your web application and use the required host headers and URL. The same ports will need to be used as the original web application. You don't need to create a site collection or the SharePoint site.

    You then need to delete the content database associated with the new web application. To carry that process out, go to SharePoint Central Administration, Application Management, Content Databases, select the relevant web application and then Manage Content Database settings. Select the option to remove the content database.

    Next, go to the 12 hive's bin folder within the command prompt and run this command.

    Stsadm –o addcontentdb –url http://YourURL –databasename ContentDBName

    This leaves the required SSL and other settings to then be configured.
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