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IIS giving 503 error after shared config

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  • IIS giving 503 error after shared config

    I have 3 servers.One dc and 2 domain member servers. All 3 have iis. I have made test iis website on each server.each server has folders containing web site web content on its own c drive, but pointing to unc path in binding property of iis telling physical location of web content . from member server 2, I made 2 sites and then exported the iis configuaration,stored it on a shared folder on dc. so basically dc contains config files for all iis websites.
    I have iis on member server 3 and dc too, and pointed it to shared config files stored on dc with unc path for each means member2,member3 and also dc pointing to shared config files on dc.

    When I make iis web site changes on any server(dc,member server 2,member server3), it gets perfectly replicated to each other due to iis shared config files stored on dc.

    Now problem is that member server 2 from which i exported the config initially, can access all websites.(web site having web content on its member server 2 c drive, web site having web content on member server 3 c drive and also website having web content on dc c drive). So all websites are accessible from member server 2.

    but when I try to access same websites from dc or member server 3, it gives error>>>>>>

    service unavailable

    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable

    and the application pool of those websites only on dc and member server 3, gets stopped as soon as I start website and give error as

    Application pool 'dushman' is being automatically disabled due to a series of failures in the process(es) serving that application pool
    Event ID: 5002
    ************************************************** *************
    ************************************************** *************

    Please help, whats wrong.The member server 3 from where I first exported the config files,can access same all websites, but dc and member server3 to which i just pointed to shared config files, can't access any website due to above errors.
    after shared config, I reopened iis console and re started the web management service, I always manually restart the individual application pool(its on auto though), which is different for every website.manual recycling also didn't help

    Whats going on> Please help.......thanks
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