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2008 R2 & NTP Clients.

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  • 2008 R2 & NTP Clients.

    Dummy question.

    I have a 2008 R2 domain controller.

    Do I need to configure the ntp client on all clients using gp or do
    they automatically sync up with the DC ?

    Here is the config on the DC.


    EventLogFlags: 2 (Local)
    AnnounceFlags: 5 (Local)
    TimeJumpAuditOffset: 28800 (Local)
    MinPollInterval: 6 (Local)
    MaxPollInterval: 10 (Local)
    MaxNegPhaseCorrection: 172800 (Local)
    MaxPosPhaseCorrection: 172800 (Local)
    MaxAllowedPhaseOffset: 300 (Local)
    FrequencyCorrectRate: 4 (Local)
    PollAdjustFactor: 5 (Local)
    LargePhaseOffset: 50000000 (Local)
    SpikeWatchPeriod: 900 (Local)
    LocalClockDispersion: 10 (Local)
    HoldPeriod: 5 (Local)
    PhaseCorrectRate: 7 (Local)
    UpdateInterval: 100 (Local)

    NtpClient (Local)
    DllName: C:\Windows\system32\w32time.dll (Local)
    Enabled: 1 (Local)
    InputProvider: 1 (Local)
    AllowNonstandardModeCombinations: 1 (Local)
    ResolvePeerBackoffMinutes: 15 (Local)
    ResolvePeerBackoffMaxTimes: 7 (Local)
    CompatibilityFlags: 2147483648 (Local)
    EventLogFlags: 1 (Local)
    LargeSampleSkew: 3 (Local)
    SpecialPollInterval: 3600 (Local)
    Type: NTP (Local)
    NtpServer:,, (Local)
    NtpServer (Local)
    DllName: C:\Windows\system32\w32time.dll (Local)
    Enabled: 1 (Local)
    InputProvider: 0 (Local)
    AllowNonstandardModeCombinations: 1 (Local)
    VMICTimeProvider (Local)
    DllName: C:\Windows\System32\vmictimeprovider.dll (Local)
    Enabled: 1 (Local)
    InputProvider: 1 (Local)

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    Re: 2008 R2 & NTP Clients.

    I've never manually configured it on domain members - they should pick it up automatically from the domain.

    Reference: Berner, Jeff. 2003 Server NTP time issue. 24 September 2004.
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      Re: 2008 R2 & NTP Clients.

      Yeah that's what I thought. Thanks.