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Backup on windows 2008

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  • Backup on windows 2008

    Dear all

    Im trying to schedule a weekly backup for some specific folders on my windows 2008 server,but i didnt find an option Weekly backup,like in windows 2003 gave all these options. So i found some scripts,but i dont know how to take a specific folder back,eg;i wanted to take Two folders from my D:\ drive and one folder from my E:\ drive. How to take back up using below script?

    wbadmin start backup -include:c:,d:,e: -backupTarget:\\SERVER\SHARE -quiet

    here its taking full backup of C:,D: and E: . i wante only few specific folders.

    Appreciate your help


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    Re: Backup on windows 2008

    Unfortunately, the backup system provided with 2008 doesn't allow you to do individual files or folders.

    My source is here:

    The specific implementation that Microsoft has provided has the following characteristics:
    • You can only select entire volumes for backup, not individual files and directories.
    • The resulting backup file is a VHD file
    • The backup is a selective image - not a forensic clone - of the source volumes. This means that things like blank space, the page file, hibernate file, and certain folders are not backed up.
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      Re: Backup on windows 2008

      Use Robocopy instead. Write a batch file:

      robocopy <source> <destination> /E /XO /copy:dats

      include a line for each folder, then schedule the batch file using Task Scheduler.

      /E = copy subfolders
      /XO = update only new or changed files
      /copy:dats = copy basic security attributes
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