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  • 2008 DC features

    I'm new to Windows 2008 domains and trusts and need to know if I have a 2008 domain running at 2008 functional level and create a trust with a 2003 domain can the new features in server 2008 AD still be used?

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    Re: 2008 DC features

    You can use the features of 2008 in your domain; they can't be used in the 2003 domain. As for how to work out what your domain functional level is, didn't your Google search answer that for you?
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      Re: 2008 DC features

      The domain functional levels I got figured it just wasn't sure if being in trust with a 2003 domain would effect the new features of 2008.

      Thanks for the quick reply it's appreciated.


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        Re: 2008 DC features

        the best answer would be no.
        The domain (and forest) functional levels only affect the capabilities of the specific domain or forest.

        A trust to a separate domain will not impose your schema level on the trusted (or trusting) domain.

        After all - if your domain was configured 2003 native for some reason, and you knew 2008 schema would brek your domain, you wouldn't want your partner organisation to deploy 2008 schema, and then have it enforce across your trust and break your domain
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