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ts rap cap not working for geberal user in TS

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  • ts rap cap not working for geberal user in TS

    I have a terminal server which is also a dc with name meradc. I have configured TS web access too. I am accessing ts web access through a win7 machine which is added to ts web acess computers group. There is a domain users sales1 which belongs to sales group.

    Since this TS is also a DC so I have added sales group to built in remote desktop users group in active directory users and computers. The CAP and RAP both have SALES group added to the policies.And in RAP,it allows to connect to all network resources.
    Now problem is that I enter the url http://meradc.pung7.local/ts to access the ts web access. It asks me for a username and password. I enter the sales1 username and password,after accepting it, the ts webaccess page is displayed fine.
    Now I can see the calc remote app in ts webaccess. But when I click it,and try to run it, when it asks for the credentials,I enter the same sales1 username and password the it gives the error message that

    "to log on to this remote computer(basically its refering to TS here), you must be granted the allow log on through terminal services right.By default members of remote desktop users have this right....

    Whats wrong? Where I am doing it wrong because I can access the same remote app calc with administrator right,and it runs fine.

    Please help.

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    Re: ts rap cap not working for geberal user in TS

    Is the server definately running in TS mode, not Remote Administration mode? I'm not sure having read your post. In any case, sounds like it's time to look at moving TS off your DCs.
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