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Help regarding setup/requirements for 2 domains w/ exchange

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  • Help regarding setup/requirements for 2 domains w/ exchange

    First off great community, so much useful information here, glad to register and hope I will be able to help others here as you may help me

    Ok this is the existing network (2 servers);
    SBS 08: (Domain1)
    AD etc
    SBS 03: (Domain2)
    AD etc


    The plan is to scrap this configuration if possible, and have:
    Server1: MS Server 08 running AD for 2 domains
    Server2: MS Exchange 07 for 2 separate email addresses
    Server3: Frontline server (firewall/edge) running server 08 ?


    Upon researching it appears only one dc/ad per domain each server, and that I am better off with a dedicated hardware edge (for example a cisco security router) and I was also told I would need an exchange server for each domain also, which left me with this configuration:

    Server1: DC/AD for Domain1
    Server2: DC/AD for Domain2
    Server3: Exchange for Domain1
    Server4: Exchange for Domain2
    With appropriate trusts setup.

    While I am sure this configuration will do what they require, it seems overkill there are maybe 25 users total throughout both domains.
    Am I able to cut that down to two servers like;
    Server1: DC/AD/Exchange for Domain1
    Server2: DC/AD/Exchange for Domain2

    Any help is much appreciated! Here is some background info which may help you understand or make sense of my ramblings

    Ok two companies reside at the same premises, both owned and managed by the same family.
    The bosses oversee operations over both companies and want to access files from both domains and have an exchange inbox for both companies website addresses.
    The users only need access to the files & and email account for the domain of the company they work for.

    Between the two entities there is a max of say 25 accounts over both domains, its hardly a large network user wise, but the owner wants this kind of setup as both businesses keep growing.

    Several issues in particular I showed them workarounds for all, though they want it working "like it should" with no "bandaid" fixes;

    Couldn't resolve shares between domains with //domain/share I got them around this using //ip/share **BUT** they weren't happy with having to supply credentials for that domain to access the share, they wanted permissions set across the domains that for example;
    User A from Domain A has direct access to Share A on Domain B
    where User B from Domain B has no access to any share on Domain A etc

    And the third major issue was they were unable to receive emails from the 03 exchange sent to the 07 exchange due to client authentication errors ( works vice versa). I got around this by adding a connector which permitted anonymous attempts from the local ip of the 07 server to the 03.

    They are happy to get rid off SBS in order to take advantage of domain trusts with server 2008 which seems to be the way to get what they want done, though not sure if they want to replace their 2 servers with 4 or 5 (Or even be interested in virtualising to that effect due to licensing costs)

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    Re: Help regarding setup/requirements for 2 domains w/ exchange

    well.. my question I suppose would be, why do you need to separate domains for authentication ?

    Simply discuss the usefulness of groups with them. All employees for companyA go in a group called "companyA" as their default group.
    All employees for comapnyB have CompanyB as their default group.

    Then, secure resources appropriately. A single exchange server, configured to accept mail for both domains.

    Use Recipient update services to apply the correct email address based either on OU or group basis...

    Otherwise, they need two Enterprise or Standard Grade servers, one for each domain. Actually, for redundancy purposes, they need 2 for each domain.
    Two exchange servers.
    Appropriate OS and exchange licenses for each. Appropriate number of CALs for each (so, 25 for EACH network)
    Appropriate number of Exchange CALs for each network.
    Any additional licenses for SQL Server they may have, again, one for each network.
    You would configure a trust, and configure two separate exchange servers.

    Basically, put it all together and demonstrate how it would cost XYZ more to do it his way. Include additional IT Support hours for what seems to be a relatively messy scenario to troubleshoot...
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      Re: Help regarding setup/requirements for 2 domains w/ exchange

      Thankyou very much for your advice