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2008 R2 TS & Office 2010 + Roaming Profiles

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  • 2008 R2 TS & Office 2010 + Roaming Profiles


    We have nailed up (4) 2008 R2 TS with Office 2010 and other apps installed locally. Users access the TS via web interface and launch apps as needed from any of the (4) 2008 R2 TS.

    When users log into the various TS their profile and app settings, especially those for office, are not always/consistently retained. They are only using the 2008 R2 TS, simply need to have basic settings retained as they move from server to server and the issues we are having are a major PITA, any help greatly appreciated.

    We redirect user My Documents, Favorites, Desktop and Application Data to the network via AD GPO. The AD Domain all machines reside in is based on 2003 AD servers (although we use the 2008 AD Group policy editor), the schema has not been extended.

    There are two folders, "profiles" for TS roaming profiles and "userprofiles" for user roaming profiles. Both have open shares and auth users "full control". GPO is set to give the users exclusive rights and there are some folders which have been manually created (Windows has redone the rights/ownership) as well as %username% auto created.

    On the 2008 R2 servers local GPO has been set to make sure that the TS roaming profile has been set, permissions on the share/folders are correct, background upload of registry settings (4hrs), Async policy processing, enabled the "Allow roaming of all user customizations" setting for Office 2010.