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WINS Tab in DNS Forward Zone Properties

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  • WINS Tab in DNS Forward Zone Properties

    2003 Forest/Domain
    4 sites (geographical and split by subnet)
    1 domain
    2x 2008 R2 DCs
    9 DCs total

    I noticed in the DNS propterties of a forward lookup zone there is a WINS tab. What exactly does this configuration mean? Here's my understanding of it: If a client makes a DNS query but DNS can't resolve it, then the DNS server uses the WINS entry that is found in this tab to query WINS. So if I put in only the ip address of a WINS server in our San Fran office but the query is coming from a user in our New York office, does this mean it will use the WINS server in San Fran rather then the WINS entry that's configured in the network settings of the local client workstation? (there is a WINS server at each site).
    If so does this mean that I should put in all the IP address of all WINS servers in the domain? This way the client will use it's local one.

    Or am I way off base with the purpose of this WINS configuration tab in DNS.


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    Re: WINS Tab in DNS Forward Zone Properties

    About halfway down the page starting with "Integrating WINS with DNS" If I understand what you are asking (which I might not LOL) the following couple of paragraphs should clear it up.
    Two things:
    1) If I wrote something wrong please please please let me know. I want to know ESPECIALLY if I am wrong.
    2) I have a tendency to write things that are misconstrued as being agressive or not so pleasant. That is not my intent.