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Specs for a windows 2008 server

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  • Specs for a windows 2008 server

    we are planning to install a 2008 server in a office, users 35-50 and it is going to be print server, file server, DHCP, DNS,
    what is the best specs for Dell server ?


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    Re: Specs for a windows 2008 server

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    Get your Dell Rep to make some recommendations
    What is the budget?
    Are you adding to existing servers?
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      Re: Specs for a windows 2008 server

      Depends on the Data, 3rd party apps etc.
      The roles you selected doesn't need a lot of resources though.
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        Re: Specs for a windows 2008 server

        Sounds like a basic server build:
        • Mirror the OS drive, put nothing else on it.
        • I recommend a RAID 6 for the file server drives. Read some Robin Harris articles on RAID 5 / RAID 6 to find out why URE's render RAID 5 useless when you use large hard drives. Example article.
        • Get a decent PERC controller. Don't use onboard RAID. PERC or nothing.
        • Two NICS or at the least a double headed NIC. I prefer two separate NICs, but that might be a waste of space. Team the NICs for redundancy.
        • Two power supplies in case one evacuates its magic smoke.

        Can you tell I'm a redundancy freak?

        As far as CPU, you could get by with a decent dual core Opteron; nothing massive. Since it's a print server, you may want to stick with 32-bit Windows... so that means no 2008 R2 for you. 4GB of RAM.

        It should still have enough power on it to make a good Halo server. Send me login details.
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          Re: Specs for a windows 2008 server

          That URE thing was really interesting. Thanks.