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Problem joininig client computers from different network

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  • Problem joininig client computers from different network

    We have 2 sites connected via leased Lines. The main site has an sbs2003 domain controller, clients are added in to the domain. Network is 192.168.0.x/ The second site has a windows 2008 server. Network is 172.16.0.x/ Users on the second site are setup as local users. The 2 sites are connected via 2 3com3018 routers.

    1)I want to join the client computers from site 2 in the domain of site 1.
    2)I want to install the Win2008 server as a SDC (terminal server is running on this server as well).

    How can I join my clients from site 2 to the domain of site1?

    From site 2 client computer I can ping (open shares/odbc/) sbs2003 server from site1 but I cannot join my client computer.



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    Re: Problem joininig client computers from different network

    Can you resolve your SBS by FQDN (server.domain.corp) as well as by name/IP?
    What is providing IP addresses in the second site. If it is the router, can you put the IP of the SBS in as a DNS server?
    If you have a few clients only, you could put the FQDN of the SBS in the hosts file -- I have got that to work in the past

    A possible solution would be to:
    Take the 2K8 server to the main site (or try using the hosts file as above)
    Join it to domain / promote to Additional DC
    Install DNS/DHCP
    Move it back to secondary site and confirm replication

    You should then have no problems joining clients to the domain
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      Re: Problem joininig client computers from different network

      Hi, thanks for the input.

      I can only resolve my SBS from the 2nd site via IP. I have added the SBS IP and name to the hosts file of w2k8 server and clients ont the 2nd site.
      DHCP on the W2k8 server is providing IP adresses for the 2nd site. The DNS of the w2k8 is pointing to the SBS (but not resolving anything.)

      so setup is slightly different. Can I still go ahead by moving the w2k8 to site 1, adding it to the domain, setup DNS and move it back to site 2?

      The routers have all ports opened so they should not block any traffic. However I can not join PC's from site 2 to site 1 but this is probably because they are on another network and DNS is not avalable at site 2, correct?