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Read / Write on server 2008 shares

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  • Read / Write on server 2008 shares

    We just moved all users computer from old NT domain to Server 2008 AD domain. Since some shares folders on NT Server are still not moved to new Server, we are parallel running both NT and Server 2008 domain on network, we meet the following issues now.

    1. User's home drive is mapping to Server 2008. We find that read or save files are slower. We ever change the permission on some files at Server. The server will hang on that application. Then I need to force logoff. But still hang to re-access those files again. Lastly, just restart the server and fix the problem temporary. If connects share drive back to NT Server, the read / write files are very fast. Should we turn off Server 2008's firewall?

    2. Copy files from NT server to Server 2008. It will do caculation and then copy. Is it normal? or Should we turn off caculating?

    The server is installed with managed symantec antivirus corporation 10.2 version. Anyone has experience on slow responding on shares?

    I have no idea on above issue. Please kindly help. Thanks
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    Re: Read / Write on server 2008 shares

    How long of a delay are you seeing with the shares?
    Is it slow transferring and/or slow browsing when going through the shares? What OS are the clients running?

    To answer your question about the calculation, 2008 will calculate transfers when they exceed a certain size before transferring.


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      Re: Read / Write on server 2008 shares

      Disable Network Scanning on Symantec. It is enabled by default when you install. The disabling can be done through the SSC and is applied to all machines running the A/V. There should be instruuctions on exactly how to do it somewhere on this site.
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        Re: Read / Write on server 2008 shares

        The problem is fixed after upgrade the Symantec Antivirus Corporation to latest version.

        Network scanning is not enabled before too.

        Thanks for your support!!