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NPS policy for WLAN and PPTP conflict eachother

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  • NPS policy for WLAN and PPTP conflict eachother

    Hey Guys,

    I adressed this problem to all german forums of my trust without any response.
    Hope you guys are more into this than us germans

    Okay now to my issue:

    I have setup a NPS Server on our 2008 AD Server. Further I configured the Firewall and all Accesspoints as Clients and configured the Policies to allow or deny User-access. Im not dealing with NAP (looking if remote client is up2date and things like that)

    I have 3 Groups in my AD: SSL-VPN-users, PPTP-VPN-users and WLan-users

    The SSL group is checked by Watchguard directly to the AD.
    The PPTP only works by Radius, IAS or NPS (so im using NPS for this)
    The Last security group is the Wlan User Group.

    They all work fine if there used alone. But if a User is in the PPTP and the WLAN group, WLAN fails. If I take that person out of the PPTP group WLAN works.

    SSL doesnt harm this at all its just the PPTP and WLAN group that bite eachother, an both are used by NPS.

    I though it might be the order of the policies but if a swap them the PPTP doesnt work.

    Any ideas so far ?

    I found some Loggin but its in german: It indicated that the wrong networkpolicy is being used as Im trying to connect to WLAN but PPTP is getting the hit.

    Proxyrichtlinienname: Windows-Authentifizierung für alle Benutzer verwenden (use-Win-auth-for-all-users)
    Netzwerkrichtlinienname: PPTPVPN-Users
    Authentifizierungsanbieter: Windows
    Authentifizierungsserver: servername.domain.local
    Authentifizierungstyp: EAP
    EAP-Typ: -
    Kontositzungs-ID: -
    Begründungscode: 66
    Grund: Der Benutzer hat versucht, eine Authentifizierungsmethode zu verwenden, die in der entsprechenden Netzwerkrichtlinie nicht aktiviert wurde. (A user has tried to use a auth-method that was not aktivated in the the networkpolicy)


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    Re: NPS policy for WLAN and PPTP conflict eachother




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      Re: NPS policy for WLAN and PPTP conflict eachother




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        Re: NPS policy for WLAN and PPTP conflict eachother

        Please do not bump your post -- you will get answers when someone with the required knowledge has a chance to look at it

        If you need a quicker response, Microsoft will be very happy to help -- have your credit card ready
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